Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Fantasyland Updated Schedule

New Fantasyland Opening Schedule: 

Completed: New Hundred Acre Wood facade for "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh"

Late March 2012: Half of the Storybook Circus - Double Dumbo, The Great Goofini, Fantasyland Train Station, Casey Jr.

June 1, 2012: Say farewell to Snow White's Scary Adventures!  It's last day of operation will be May 31.  Taking it's place will be the Princess Fairytale Hall.  I guess Disney thought two Snow White rides would be redundant, but we're sad to see this one go!  We both really enjoyed this ride so get to it while you can!

Late 2012:  Be Our Guest Restaurant (YES!), Beauty and the Beast Village (including a village pub which sports a portrait of Gaston), Belle and Ariel meet-and greets, Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid Ride, completion of the Cinderella Castle Wall.  This is probably the most exciting phase to us.  Both of these movies are super favorites of ours and we couldn't be more excited.  WE NEED ALL THE THINGS.

Early 2013:  The other half of Storybook Circus and Pete's Silly Sideshow.

Late 2013:  Seven Dwarf's Mine Train roller coaster!  We're actually fairly excited about this one.  We heard it's supposed to be semi-intense with coasters that swing back and forth and it seems like it could be a lot of fun.  Especially going through the mine with all the glittering gems.  Yes.

Needless to say, everything looks absolutely incredible and we are READY.  Eeeeeeee!


  1. Can't wait to see how the Seven Dwarf's Mine Train turns out.

    1. Yeah, we're excited about that one too! The swinging carts seem like a cool idea. Late 2013 is a long time away though! Bummer that they decided to close Snow White's Scary Adventures.