Monday, October 31, 2011

Our First Post!

This Disney survey took us an hour to do.  Pathetic?  Possibly.  

Sparkle: Okay, so which movie is our favorite?
Glitter: That's hard... they're all our favorites... 
Sparkle: I know! Well, what about Beauty and the Beast? 
Glitter: "I told you never to come here!"
Sparkle: "Get ooooooooout!"
*giggle giggle*
Glitter: Or The Lion King? 
Sparkle: "You have forgotten me..." 
Glitter: NO! Don't say it. Oh my God, Mufasa is so epic. 
Sparkle: Seriously.  That's a good one.  Is that our favorite? What about The Little Mermaid? Aladdin?  Pocahontas? 
Glitter: This is hard.
Sparkle: Ugh.
Glitter: ...
Sparkle: Well, how about we list our top three and then we'll pick one of those? 
Glitter: Sounds good. But wait, our top three aren't the same!
Sparkle: ... I'm hungry. 
Glitter: I need potato chips and bacon.  
Sparkle: Cheez-its.
*10 pounds later*
Sparkle: Okay, so which movie is our favorite?

And every question proceeded as such which is why this blog is never going to amount to anything. And my keyboard is greasy from cheezit fingers.