Monday, May 28, 2012

Disney Princess Hunger Games - Day 1

Here we are Ladies and Gents, the moment we've been anxiously awaiting... Day One of the Disney Princess Hunger Games!  Sorry for the delay, but the gamemakers were otherwise occupied due to Loki trying to take over the world.  Anyway, the princesses are on their platforms ready to go and the countdown is about to begin!  We can see already some of the princesses eying things in the field.  Eilonwy has her eye on that black cauldron but it seems like Tiana is looking that way too.  We'd assume Rapunzel would go for the frying as that is her weapon of choice and wait... is that Thor's hammer, Mjolnir?  How'd that get there?  Looks to us like there are a number of possibilities for how these games could begin.

Take a look over at Ariel.  Is it just us or does Ariel look like she's having a hard time staying on her platform?  That slimy tail must make it hard to keep still.  She better be careful because if she touches the ground before the countdown ends she'll set off the mines around her platform.  She's flopping around like a fish outta water! OH NO!! Looks likes there's sushi on the menu tonight!  How unfortunate for our favorite mermaid princess.  It was over for her before it even began.  Cinderella and Aurora are speechless.

Speaking of Aurora... her eyes are looking a little glazed over,  is that a spinning wheel we see?  The countdown has begun.  Five seconds left and it seems Aurora can't take her eyes off that spinning wheel.  Three... Two... ONE!  And they're off!  Pocahontas and Mulan both run off into the forest without glancing back.

Jasmine and Esmeralda are first to the heart of the cornucopia and both arm themselves quickly.  The other tributes better watch out!  Maid Marian can't seem to make up her mind but now it's too late!  Esmeralda takes the first kill.  She's making her way to Perdita and Lady who are fighting over a bag of "Kanine Krunchies".  They don't even see her coming and Esmeralda claims the first three kills of the game.

It seems there's an alliance forming - Giselle, Cinderella, and Snow White have broken into song and are dancing away into the forest.  Can't wait to see what happens to the three of them.  And it seems our youngest tribute, Penny made it to the forest as well.  Good luck to her!

Surprise, surprise Aurora pricked her finger on that stupid spinning wheel.  Will this bitch ever learn?  She's out but she really only has herself to blame.

Well, it seems our earlier observations were correct and Eilonwy and Tiana both headed for the cauldron.  Eilonwy gets her hands on it first but Tiana grabs it from her and runs off just in time.  Jasmine comes up from behind and that's it for Eilonwy! Jasmine turns to focus her attentions on Lilo but in the scuffle it seems Lilo's been trampled by Nala who runs quickly into the forest.

Meanwhile, it looks like Kida has taken notice of Thor's hammer but it seems she can't lift it off the ground.  She does not behold the power of Thor!  Instead she incurs the wrath of Megara who has picked up a spear and shield.  And that's it for Kida!

Across the field, Belle is reaching for the frying pan.  Does she think it's enchanted?  Before she can pick it up it's pulled out of her reach by a river of long, golden hair. Ooh, burned by Rapunzel!  But Belle seems  intrigued and follows the hair into the forest.

Wendy, meanwhile, has nabbed the conch shell - we hear she's used one before.   But as she turns around she bumps into Alice who stares her down.  They both seem to have come to a mutual agreement and disappear into the forest together, noses high.

The bloodbath seems to be coming to an end.  There seems to be an alliance forming with Megara, Jasmine and Esmeralda.  A formidable and random trio!  It seems they've cleared the field.  But what's that ball of yellow behind the cornucopia?  Apparently, they've noticed it too.  Oh, it's Jane!  We forgot all about her.  She bolts and tries to make a run for the forest but the Trio is close behind.  See Jane, run! Run, Jane, run!  She trips on her petticoats and that's it for Jane.

It's been a few hours now and the sun has set.  Let's check in on a few of the tributes.

A quick scan of the arena and Nala, Pocahontas and Mulan are no where to be seen.  Which is probably how they want it.  

Tiana is making a forest gumbo using her cauldron.  Wonder what ingredients she used for that?  Hope she studied up on poisonous mushrooms before putting that together.  Oops, guess not.  A cannon sounds in the distance.

Cinderella, Snow White and Giselle are singing around a campfire and sewing a blanket made of leaves.

Belle and Rapunzel are sleeping in a tree wrapped in a cocoon of Rapunzel's hair.

Wendy and Alice are both pouting in a cave by a waterfall and making snotty comments.

Penny crying is upstream but close to Wendy and Alice though none of them seem aware of that fact.

Jasmine, Megara and Esmeralda have stockpiled all of their supplies and set up camp.  The three of them look a little too happy to be here.

The cannons have sounded and "When You Wish Upon a Star" is playing across the arena.  The faces of the fallen tributes illuminate the sky for all too see.   An eerie end to an exciting first day of the Disney Princess Hunger Games! Stay tuned to see what happens to the remaining tributes!


  1. hewho loves all of the carnage! can't wait for day 2!! go team mulan!!

  2. Dang there goes my favorite princess...

  3. This is sick!! I love it! Bahaha my favorite part: "Kida does not behold the power of Thor!"
    Brilliant! Rootin' for Mulan, Nala and Jasmin!

  4. @hewho - Thanks!! We'll see what Mulan is up to :)

    @THE Disney Freak - Oh no, which one was your favorite?

    @Sara - haha thank you!! We have a lot of fun doing this and we crack up the entire time! Glad your favorites are still in the game!

    1. Aurora :P But I have others I'm rooting for. :D When's Day Two??

  5. Man that was freaky, and the pictures were hilarious xD

    Nice blog care to visit my Disney and anime collection blog?

    1. I just followed but sadly, I don't understand a word. :( Still pretty cool though. Nice pictures. (:

  6. Sad to say the story ends here....... Hopefully, you find the time to continue this piece

  7. I'm hoping for pochahontas, but I really can't wait until a new section of the story opens up!

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