Monday, October 31, 2011

Our First Post!

This Disney survey took us an hour to do.  Pathetic?  Possibly.  

Sparkle: Okay, so which movie is our favorite?
Glitter: That's hard... they're all our favorites... 
Sparkle: I know! Well, what about Beauty and the Beast? 
Glitter: "I told you never to come here!"
Sparkle: "Get ooooooooout!"
*giggle giggle*
Glitter: Or The Lion King? 
Sparkle: "You have forgotten me..." 
Glitter: NO! Don't say it. Oh my God, Mufasa is so epic. 
Sparkle: Seriously.  That's a good one.  Is that our favorite? What about The Little Mermaid? Aladdin?  Pocahontas? 
Glitter: This is hard.
Sparkle: Ugh.
Glitter: ...
Sparkle: Well, how about we list our top three and then we'll pick one of those? 
Glitter: Sounds good. But wait, our top three aren't the same!
Sparkle: ... I'm hungry. 
Glitter: I need potato chips and bacon.  
Sparkle: Cheez-its.
*10 pounds later*
Sparkle: Okay, so which movie is our favorite?

And every question proceeded as such which is why this blog is never going to amount to anything. And my keyboard is greasy from cheezit fingers.

The Ultimate Disney Survey


The Famous Characters

Can you name the Fab Five?
Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto
Which of the Fab Five is your favorite?
Goofy (but from a Goofy Movie!)
Which one do you like the least?
Minnie (she's fat)
Can you name the 7 Dwarfs?
Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy
Can you name all the Disney Princesses?

The Movie Characters

Who's the prettiest Disney Princess?
Who's the ugliest Disney Princess?
Snow White, and she's a pussy
Who's the greatest Disney Prince?
Who's the best villain?
Scar ("Oh goody.")
Who's the most pathetic villain?
Prince John ("Mommy!")
Who's your favorite animal character?
Which animated Disney Character could be your look-alike?
Belle and Ariel!
Have you ever dressed up as a Disney Character?
Only for halloween when I was a kid, but if we could sew I'd be a Disney Princess everyday!
Are there any Disney Characters that you simply cannot stand?
Jasmine's a whiny, money-grubbing, skank.


Which movie was your favorite?
Robin Hood?
Which movie had the best story?
The Lion King is epic!
Which movie did you laugh the most at?
A Goofy Movie
Which movie made you cry?
The Lion King ("You have forgotten me.") *sob*
If you were sucked into one of the Disney movies, which would you prefer?
Peter Pan (we're the bitchy mermaids who just lay around all day half naked brushing our hair and throwing ourselves at peter pan "Oh PETER!")
Which Disney movie probably shouldn't have been made?
Are you sick of the sequels?
Pocahontas II makes me want to kill myself.

The Parks

Have you ever been to Disneyland?
Have you ever been to Disney World?
Have you been to any of the other Disney Parks around the world?
We will go to ALL of them.
Which park is the best?
Magic Kingdom!
What's your favorite ride?
The Maelstrom (The Spirit of Norvey!)
What's your least favorite ride?
Ellen's Energy Adventure was such bullshit.
How many times have you been to a Disney Park?
We've only been one time, but for 10 days!
How old are you?
How old did you act while you were in Disney?
Who have you been to Disney with?
Sir Hiss Abubu and He Who.
Would you go back?
We want to live in Cinderella Castle.
Did you get autographs and/or pictures with your favorite characters?
Three books worth.
Which character is your favorite pictures with?
Tweedle Dee and Dum and Rapunzel and Flynn
Would you ever work for Disney?
In a heartbeat!
How many hidden Mickeys have you found?
A few...
Would you remember where they were if you went back?
Which is the best show at Disney?
Fantasmic/The Halloween Villain's Show!!
Which is the best restaurant?
Victoria and Alberts but the Be Our Guest Restaurant looks amazing!
Which is the best hotel on Disney property?
Grand Floridian
Briefly describe your greatest memory at a Disney park.
Walking in for the first time/The Halloween Show
Are there any other amusement parks in the world that compare to Disney?


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